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The Apartment Maggie's Visit - Parte 2


1)  Rachael and Julia are excited to show Maggie _________.

  • their new apartment
  • their favorite park
  • their office
  • their favorite museum

2)  Maggie wants to write her mother, because _________.

  • her mother will worry if she doesn't hear from her
  • it's her mother's birthday
  • her mother is also in Berlin
  • she has good news to tell her

3)  Maggie forgot to bring _________.

  • a pillow
  • shampoo and conditioner
  • a map of Berlin
  • a towel

4)  Maggie thinks her friends' apartment is ______________.

  • in a bad neighborhood
  • a bit messy
  • a perfect place for the two of them
  • too small for two people

5)  Where did Julia and Rachael stay when they first arrived in Berlin?

  • They stayed at a friend's apartment.
  • They stayed at a hotel.
  • They stayed in the apartment next door to theirs.
  • They stayed in a sublet.

6)  How does Maggie feel when she arrives?

  • She is tired and jet-lagged.
  • She is full of energy.
  • She is anxious.
  • She is hungry.