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COVID-19 The Queen's coronavirus address in full


1)  The Queen describes the current time as...

  • "miserable."
  • "the best of times."
  • "increasingly challenging."

2)  Why did the Queen and her sister go on the radio in 1940?

  • To offer a Christmas greeting during wartime
  • To wish their mother a happy birthday
  • To reach out to children who had been evacuated

3)  Self-isolating offers the opportunity to...

  • catch up on housework.
  • make more phone calls.
  • reflect in prayer or meditation.

4)  What attributes does the Queen NOT see as characteristic of Great Britain and its people?

  • Hastiness and impatience
  • Quiet, good-humored resolve
  • Self-discipline
  • Fellow feeling

5)  Who does the Queen not thank in her speech?

  • Those staying at home
  • Those carrying out essential roles
  • Politicians in Britain and around the world
  • Everyone on the NHS frontline