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Soluzioni ai quiz "Have o have got?"


You can always find ways to have fun.

Potete sempre trovare modi per divertirvi.

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Completate le frasi con have got, has got, haven't got, hasn't got.


1. Eleanor has got brown hair. She isn't blonde.

2. Greg and Don do a lot of swimming. They have got broad shoulders.

3. Juliette is always elegant. She has got a lot of nice dresses.

4. Come on! George is really handsome. He hasn't got a big nose at all!

5. We haven't got new trainers. These are our old ones. 


Completa le frasi con have/has, anche nella forma interrogativa e negativa.


1. Does your mother have a car?

2. We have breakfast at 8 AM.

3. He has toothache.

4. Does she have a new boyfriend?

5. I don't have an exam tomorrow.


Usa le parole per scrivere domande con have / has got. Poi completa le risposte brevi.


1. Has Daniel's cousin got a nice personality? -Yes, he has.

2. Have Janson and his sister got big eyes? -No, they haven't.

3. Has Aunt Mabel got fur coar? -No, she hasn't.

4. Has Ron got a tattoo on his shoulder? -Yes, he has. 

5. Have all the children in your family got long hair? -No, they haven't.


Scegli l'opzione corretta: A o B?


1 B

2 B

3 A

4 B

5 A



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